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We help you get higher job offers at better companies and negotiate new and existing offers. A program by Gabriel Benmergui for Software Engineers.

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Unlimited Upside

We understand the market because we are in the market.
We know what is needed to get 100k salaries, 200k salaries, or top 1% of market salaries.

Yearly Salary up to
Yearly Equity up to
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Our Service

  • 1-on-1 Coaching

    We devote our entire attention to you. We tailor our coaching and help to what you need and to get you results. Around-the-clock responsive support on Whatsapp for any of your needs.

  • Finding Opportunities

    We help you get through the door. Resume and application prepping. Job & Opportunities Scouting. Company Research.

  • Interview Prep

    Resources, mock interviews, prepping, and evaluation. We help you go from 0 to acing coding, system design, and behavioral interviews.

  • Negotiation

    We help you negotiate better total compensation packages, with the experience to get over 50k/yr more for candidates. We will help you navigate the market and get the best offers you can get.

Pricing: Choose your plan

Standard Recruiter Fee

of your first-year base salary
  • No upfront cost
  • Only if you accept a job offer
  • Only on Cash Compensation

Win-Win Pricing

of your first-year salary increase
  • No upfront cost
  • Based on your best offer or salary
  • Only on Cash Compensation

Flat upfront fee

15k $

  • 3 month intensive program
  • Best Potential Value
  • 20 hours of 1-1 live sessions
  • Unlimited chat support


Current Salary or Offer (Salary/Equity)Improved OfferRecruiter FeeWin-WinFlat rate
100k/0No Offer0015k


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